Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine ATC below

The Valentine picture is a digital ATC that was created using Paint Shop Pro. The girl in the picture is a vintage photograph, probably from Dover publishing and the scroll work is either from Scrap Girls, Maria LaFrance (Digital Freebies) or RAKscraps. These are the places where I get my digital freebies from. These sites are wonderfull about sharing. They have challenges too.
This Valentine ATC was done for a Valentine Challenge.

Happy Valentines Day

Yes, I know I am late for Valentine's wishes, but just imagine that I made it on time and it brightened your day! LOL

Honestly, I do hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day, doing whatever made you happiest.

My wish for Valentines Day was to have the day to myself and then be able to share together time with DH.

I had a few things that were left over from my week that needed to get done, so the daytime was still my time but not exactly what I had planned on doing. DH and I did manage to go out for dinner and movie. We ate Mexican (locally) and then saw the Pink Panther 2. If you are a Steve Martin fan or a Henry Mancini fan or just curious, it is a funny movie! If we are going to spend Saturday night prices for a movie--I want to be entertained and we were. Actually laughed out loud with the rest of the audience. The theater was packed with all ages! Families as well as young couples, mature couples as well as dads taking the kids out so mom could have some time to herself.

I'm doing a flashback here---DH had pneumonia 2 weeks ago and was just getting back to work this last week--so his energy level was completely taxed by the time he got home from work. To compound this, I came down with the runniest nose and sneezing that I have ever had. It was like the spring thaw started with my sinuses. Scratchy throat, piercing headaches,etc. You get the picture, I'm sure. So neither one of us knew for sure if we would be up to celebrating Valentines Day.

Flash back over now---come back to after the movie. We stopped for some ice cream at McD's and came home to enjoy it---DH had started a runny nose during dinner and now was getting cold chills. After the ice cream we snuggled on the couch, where I fell asleep and didn't wake up until 11:30---romantically, he still had his arm around me.

I asked is it time for bed? He laughed and said " it is for me, but I don't know about you".

(Usually, when I fall asleep like that--before bedtime--I am awake for hours after.)

We both went to bed and were asleep in minutes, even me!

It is sad, but we keep a container of clorox wipes by the computer and wipe off everything after we use the computer--so we aren't picking up germs there and we are using a little bleach in the dish water when we wash dishes to make sure the germs are killed there----Also use wipes at work--both of us. Everywhere, we go people are sick, coming down with something or getting over something. Whatever is going around is collecting alot of the population, over and over again.

I am ready for SPRING---Birds singing, gentle breezes, a little rain--soft rain, grass starting to green, crocus starting to bud, fresh air and SUNSHINE!!!!!

What about YOU?