Sunday, April 19, 2009

Mel Stampz
Here is a link to her blogspot--lots of crafty ideas and projects.

Apology, My Week and My Dad

I have been a very bad blogger!! So sorry!

Work has become center stage lately and has taken almost all of my energy.

Also I was getting ready for the March SCS Michigan Mingle, had out of town company, birthdays and holidays---but mostly the 10 to 12 hour days just exhaust me.

Granted those long days are not all work--TUESDAYS it is--driving to Livonia and back.

We are all (at work) trying to keep two locations going--stressful for everyone.

WEDNESDAYS: after work--I beeline it to my dad's and take him out for a ride-we go to Tim Hortons and get him some cookies and diet coke. He likes to sit there and watch people and cars go by and of course we spend time together. Then we go for a ride downtown (Lapeer) because it reminds him of the many downtowns in his past and I think it does bring back memories for him. I don't know how long those memories last or how vivid they are (he has alzheimers) and then we stop and get gas and depending on his energy we might go check out Big Lots. ( I just go to the scrapbooking section--to see if anything new came in.) Then back to Bolton Brook in Metamora. Usually it is about 7:30 pm by then and he is ready for bed, but with the longer summer days approaching he might wonder what he is going to do until he see's me again.

He used to live with us and sometimes his memory stops at that point and he wonders why he isn't coming home with me or why I'm not staying there with him.

It is hard on both of us, sometimes.
The picture above was taken by my cousin Bob who stopped by to visit on his way back to Minnesota after vacationing in the Carolinas. We went out to lunch and as you can see my dad was very animated that day.
THURSDAYS: This is my WW day and I don't get home until 7:30 later if I stop at the stores.
FRIDAYS: Is usually the bank and shopping--again a late night getting home.
MONDAYS: This is the only night I have free and it gets filled up with Misc. but necessary and sometimes fun things to do.
SATURDAY---Every other Sat I have a 9 am appointment--so I am up and going early that day, the alternating Sat I like to veg until noon and then take the day seriously ( whether it is scrapbooking, card making, spending time with dh, more shopping, cleaning, washing clothes---you know all those necessary things.
SUNDAY--- Is usually when we schedule family events and always include my dad. If there is no event going on--we take my dad out for dinner--we go to the Nugget in Oxford--because they serve broiled haddock---something he likes and doesn't get very often at Bolton Brook because they serve the group--and fish is not a group favorite!!
Well--I did ramble, didn't I?
I will have to get on sooner and share some pic's of Easter dinner, March Mingle, and my new Trapeze card I am working on now.
If you get a chance check out Mels Stampz--she has a great newsletter and blog. I will see if I can get a link posted for you all.