Sunday, May 31, 2009

Memorial Weekend
Usually on this weekend dh and I plant our flowers for the summer season however, this year we decided to have a family get
together. We have so many events to celebrate in
May. Let's see there is Mother's Day, our 18 th
Anniversay, my oldest ds and dil's 15 th anniversary, grandson Donovan's 5 th birthday, grandaughter Tanisha's 14 th birthday, brother Franks !!th birthday, and Memorial Day. My biggest dielema was what to put on the cake?
I have tried to fit it all on one cake (and thank goodness for Meijers, they have such talented cake writers) but this year I made the cakes and I knew I couldn't write on a cake legebley. I had some candles that spelled Happy Birthday--but we were celebrating so much more---I ended up with Happy Day! It was indeed a happy day that we could all get together again. The grandchildren are getting older and a couple of more years they will be living there own lives and it will get harder and harder to have everyone together. We did have a good day, the weather was great, couldn't ask for a better cookout.
Our cookout did put our flower planting a week behind schedule, but it is done now, well almost.
DH and I went and bought the spring plants yesterday morning and spent the afternoon planting them--I did run out of potting soil--so will be at Meijers sometime today to pick that up and finish the planting. I love the flowers all the colors. I like the fragrance too, but most of the flowers kick up my allergies--which I can't get away from in the summer--so I want to enjoy their beauty in my yard.
Here are pictures of my purple Irises (given to me by my friend RuthAnn) and our Yucca plant(from son Chris) and a basket of impatiens and others that I plant every year in a pot that was a graduation (associates degree, some years ago) gift from one of my customers when I worked at Penney's.

Every year I take pictures of my flowers---and I scrapbook them every year. This year will be no exception--because I have new flowers to capture.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Spring (before it becomes summer)

I did make it back faster this time, although not as fast as I was anticipating!
Work should slow down just a little bit--at least so we can catch our breath!
I hope everyone gets some time off this weekend for Memorial Day.
We are having a family cook out on Sunday, so I will be getting the house ready and shopping when I have time and energy (lol), dh will help some, but his focus is on the yard--which has been mostly neglected this spring. We will be late with our flower planting ( we usually plant on Memorial Day weekend) because of the weather and the cookout but I think it is more important to have the get together..
We haven't had the family all together since Christmas---we have been visiting at the kids homes for birthdays, Easter, etc.
I will post the pic of my latest trapeze card and will try to get some other pics up here soon.
SOON! I promise!