Sunday, July 27, 2008

nail polish technique options

In a follow up email on one of the groups I belong to, I found this addition to the nail polish technique---thought I would add this for some options.

This technique is similar to using liquid oil paints to get a patterned surface on cardstock.I simply use luke warm water, drop a few drops of liquid oil paint onto the surface of the water, it can all be one color, or one color inside the other to get a different effect. Then simply lay your piece of cardstock on the surface for only a couple of seconds, pull straight up to remove and turn over immediately, let air dry. I have used this technique for years with children's craft classes.
Linda Lee

Finger Nail Polish Technique on ATC Cards

Here is the link to find out how to create a project using finger nail polish.
I have not tried this, but am anxious to try it out real soon.
If you try this technique before I publish my results, please add your comments to this blog.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Newest technique

This is my latest creation--which I have done for a swap--the technique that I used is called Lace`
It involves a template that you cut around with a craft knife--I also added a little stitching with a sparkle thread and a 3-D tag with a wire bow .
Here is the link to find out how to do this--there are many more templates available than the one I used for this card.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Wow!! There are lots of sites here for us to check out---my favorite so far is the
Typo Background Generator. You will find it listed under the freebie section--this is amazing---type in a word--any word and keep clicking and get a different background every time. Go to my links below and click on the ATC link.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Freebies just for signing up!!

There are some good places to get freebies:
If your interested in paper piecing there is a group called sign up to get the newsletter and each publication there will be a freebie.
Also for digital freebies check out and again---sign up for the newsletter and enjoy.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

I'm Back!!

We had a great time with my sil's and bil--we went to Frankenmuth for a day, picnicked and shopped in Port Huron--watched the freighters go through the channel. (I love being by the water). We saw Hancock--great movie for those who like Will Smith--I think he did a fantastic job, as always. My only criticism is that it was a short movie. The run time is 1 hr. 35 min.--If you go see it-stay for the trailer.
We went to a local tourist site--Cantebury Village and toured the Christmas Store and Shops and had a great lunch at the Castle Grille.
For the 4th of July we had a mini family reunion--about 30 people--my dh's brother and wife live close by, but their sisters live in N. C. so every one wanted to get together and we have so many July birthdays in the family that we decided to do it all on the fourth.
My company has left to return to N.C. and maybe we will go visit them next summer. I really like N.C.
I have been resting today and have a few things to accomplish but they will wait until tomorrow.
Thanks to all who have been checking in--I appreciate your comments.