Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Happy Spring (before it becomes summer)

I did make it back faster this time, although not as fast as I was anticipating!
Work should slow down just a little bit--at least so we can catch our breath!
I hope everyone gets some time off this weekend for Memorial Day.
We are having a family cook out on Sunday, so I will be getting the house ready and shopping when I have time and energy (lol), dh will help some, but his focus is on the yard--which has been mostly neglected this spring. We will be late with our flower planting ( we usually plant on Memorial Day weekend) because of the weather and the cookout but I think it is more important to have the get together..
We haven't had the family all together since Christmas---we have been visiting at the kids homes for birthdays, Easter, etc.
I will post the pic of my latest trapeze card and will try to get some other pics up here soon.
SOON! I promise!

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Jennifer said...

Mary - I can understand your crazy schedule! Hope everything gets better for you, and you get some time to stamp soon too!!