Sunday, October 4, 2009

Keeping my hands busy

No doubt, I have been a busy girl this summer--like most of you.
I had a chance to go to Crystal Mountain Resort with dh for a couple of days and I enjoyed it very much. It was nice to relax after the business of summer.
With work taking an increasing amount of time and dh and I spending more time apart--we wanted to spend more time together--
If I sat on the couch and watched TV with him in the evening after work, I would fall asleep.
If we busied ourselves on the computers, he would become very drowsy and end up going to bed early.
So, I thought if I kept my hands busy, while watching T.V. maybe I could stay awake. So I got out my cross stitching and started working on it. I had some small ones to work on and am now into the medium ones.
I will attach the ones I have scanned so you can see them.

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