Friday, December 11, 2009

Well, we finally made it past fall and into winter. I have most of my Christmas shopping done and the tree is up. I still have to wrap gifts and finish decorating the house.
It seems really odd not to have the bubble lights on the tree this year. We bought a new tree and it is prelit and it does look nice--but I miss my bubble lights.
It is just like I told my son the other day--there are two constants in our lives. We all die eventually and the other is that things are always changing.
This tree was much easier to put up---and Bob and I are not getting younger--and realistically we should start thinking about making things easier for us--well me, Bob is not much for Christmas decorating. I guess if it's easier on me--I'm less grumpy--so it is easier on him.
But anyway, my carousel and bubble lights are not on the tree.
...............and I miss them.
OK enough of that--
We went to a party where my dad lives--most of the residents families were there---and there was a lot of excitement. Santa came and passed out presents to the residents--there was also a karioke singer there and he was singing Christmas songs (what else would he sing??LOL). Dad discovered all goodies on the counter and wanted to fill his pockets for later (this is a story for another time)--so he would have snacks. He just wanted the cookies and the candy--nothing healthy and he had already had 2-3 servings of those yummy snacks.
We decided that we should separate my dad and the temptations--we had no control over the temptations so we took my dad out for a ride to get something to eat. He was happy with that.
By the time we came back most of the families had gone and the caregivers had the "temptations" put away and they were being treated to McDonalds--which they all thoroughly enjoyed.
I think when we left dad was planning to sit down with them--cause he knows that dessert follows dinner--he might be just in time for that!
Funny what he remembers!
Incase I don't get back here before Christmas, I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday .
Merry Christmas!

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