Thursday, September 11, 2008

Summer company

As you can see by the photo to the right my granddaughter brings out the child in me.
Each year starting the end of July or the beginning of August--I have one of 5 granddaughters spend the weekend with grandpa and me. The girls have a day out shopping, sightseeing, and going to one special event that they choose. The only rules are that it not be more than 1 hour away, that it not be overly extravagant and that it not be illegal ( this one just so they think grandma is a little crazy!) The next day, since we live next to the township park--it is out our backyard gate, and it has a lake with swimming--they get to go to the beach and swim in the lake and then we get cleaned up and take great grandpa out for dinner, help him do his shoppping and take him back home.
This year was a little different--we had the privilege of one of our granddaughters spending the summer weeks with us and then had commitments that took her home on the weekends. So most weekends we were dropping off Paisley and picking up another granddaughter. This was worked out so that Paisley got to spend one night with one of her cousins each week before we took her home. DH had to be involved in this plan--he was the one that picked up the girls and took them home---so actually each granddaughter spent 3 days with us--with the exception of Paisley.
I love doing it--and it is wonderful to see each girls personality as they develop. They range from 10 to 14. They have alot to teach me about new music, new styles, new celebs,
etc. And I hope they take something home with them that they will use as reference--even if it is just that we love them to pieces.

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