Sunday, October 5, 2008

Sorry to have been away so long---I am multi-tasking my life right now--trying to balance
helping our kids and spending time with my dad--getting ready for the SCS Mini Mingle----finishing my scrapping projects and spend time with dh and work a 40 hour week and OH Yeah! try to get some sleep.

Today is my oldest gd's 14th birthday. I am going to call her on "her" cell phone and chat about "nothing" with her--except wish her a great day--usually her parents allow her to have a couple of friends over night to celebrate her birthday---and she is preoccupied with them. We will get together another weekend to give her a gift.
The picture above is me in ninth grade, I am on the left. It is freshman initiation--we had to wear our dad's shirt and pants, put all our hair up in little pig tails, wear no makeup at all and meet at school in our homerooms. Each freshman homeroom had to crawl single file on hands and knees to the gym where the rest of the students and teachers were seated on the bleachers. Nowadays, this might raise some eye brows and signal signal some kind of abuse--but in those days it was all in good natured fun!
This was one time when I was really grateful that I am the oldest sibling--the freshmen that had older brother or sisters attending the school were called down to the gym floor, seated on folding chairs with their brother or sister standing behind them. Then the elder sibling put make up on "their" freshman sibling.

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Jennifer said...

Mary - That is an awesome picture of you two!! What a great memory. Thanks for sharing it!!